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Global Coconut Farmers Producer Company Limited – GCFPC

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Our Aim

GCFPC aims to increase the income of farmers who are in the verge of closing the farming activity due to very low price for the agricultural produces in the farm gate due to middlemen before they reach the consumers.

THENNEERA – Tripping down from the fluorescent.

TAPER collecting Thenneera from the tree.


  • To make agriculture as sustainable profession.
  • To arrest migration from rural areas to urban areas by providing dignified employment.
  • To ensure the economic and social development of the farmers by providing urban facilities in rural areas by working in close cooperation with government / research institution.
  • To create economically viable agricultural atmosphere.


  • To foster technology penetration, improve productivity, enable improved access to inputs and services and increase farmer incomes, thereby strengthening their sustainable agriculture based livelihoods.
  • Guide, support and to make agriculture a profitable business.
  • To guide them to get the subsidies, concessions and grants announced by the government.
  • To aid approach to the latest technology, providing education, training for better yield and crop protection by working closely with government / research institutions.
  • To get all the input materials from manufacturers at whole sale price and get the best retail price for their produce thus aiming to increase the profit considerably.
  • To provide / lease agricultural machineries, implements, farm equipments at concessional rates.
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