(“Local populations can easily turn the nectar (NEERA) into coconut blossom sugar. It is a way to solve the world’s poverty. It is an antidote against misery.” – Mahatma Gandhi (03.05.1939))

Global Coconut Farmers Producer Company Limited – GCFPC

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Neera is a divine, natural, nutritious, health drink which is directly tapped from coconut trees under controlled atmosphere and clean processing without adding any chemicals and preservatives

Several products can be made from neera like jaggery, concentrate syrup, sweeteners etc.


  • Neera improves our immune system.
  • It is a Potential and Natural Health Drink.
  • Improves sleep quality & digestion.
  • Best for the pregnant women.

Our Aim

GCFPC aims to double the income of coconut farmers who are in the verge of closing the farming activity due to very low price they get for tender and matured coconut in the farm gate due to middlemen before it reaches the consumers.

Global Coconut Farmers Producer Company Limited – GCFPC

To foster technology penetration, improve productivity, enable improved access to inputs and services and increase farmer incomes, thereby strengthening their sustainable agriculture based livelihoods.

It is started by the farmers for the benefit of the farmers to guide, support and to make the agriculture a profitable business

Guiding them to get the subsidies, concessions and grants announced by the government.

Coconut farm

Aids approach to the latest technology, providing education, training for better yield and crop protection by working  closely with government / research institutions.

Getting all the input materials from manufacturers at whole sale price and get the best retail price for their produce thus aim to increase the profit considerably.

Providing /leasing agricultural machineries, implements, farm equipments at concessional rates

Aims to improve the economy of the coconut farmers by making full use of the resources of their trees and to get the best price at The shortest time. Normally they have to wait for 8 months for a tender coconut or one year for a matured coconut to grow. Whereas NEERA is tapped within one month of matured inflorescences (spadix/ flower).

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