Thenneera – Coco Nectar

Coco Nectar is a divine, natural, nutritious, health drink which is directly tapped from coconut trees under controlled temperatures and clean processing without adding any chemicals and preservatives.

Several products can be made from Coco Nectar like Neera Sugar, Neera Honey, etc. 

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  • Coco Nectar improves our immune system.
  • It is a Potential and Natural Health Drink.
  • Recommended Natural drink for both adults and children.
  • It gives required energy, improves sleep quality, and improves digestion.
  • Good Natural source of Amino Acids, Minerals & Vitamins.
  • The Lauric Acid in Coco Nectar is equivalent to the mother’s milk and its medicinal property is best for even pregnant women.
  • Possesses LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX, Diabetic patients can also drink it in limited quantities.
  • Good medicinal value for all ailments like blood pressure, skin disease, Jaundice, etc.,
  • Hygienically tapped, chilled, packed and delivered.
  • No preservatives added.
  • Certified by CPCRI (A Govt. of India institute).

Global Coconut Farmers Producer company is bringing the divine, natural, nutritious, health drink called ‘Coco Nectar’ which is directly tapped from coconut trees under controlled atmosphere and clean processing without adding any chemicals and preservatives to the people in India and abroad.

The company aims to improve the economy of the coconut farmers by making full use of the resources of their trees and to get the best price at the shortest time possible. Normally they have to wait for 8 months for a tender coconut or one year for a matured coconut to grow. Whereas Coco Nectar is tapped within one month of matured inflorescences (spadix/ flower).


Biochemical and mineral composition of Coco Nectar(per 100 ml).

Biochemical parameters                  Range

pH                                                           6.57-7.50

Total sugar (g)                                   10.08-16.50

Reducing sugar (g)                          0.439-0.647

Amino acids                                        0.123-0.338

Protein (g)                                           0.150-0.177

Phenolics (mg)                                  4.80-5.40

Antioxidant activity (mM TE)          0.299-0.355

Sodium (mg)                                       69.4-117.5

Potassium(mg)                                   146.1-182.4

Phosphorus(mg)                                2.0-6.4

Manganese(mg)                                0.009-0.014

Copper(mg)                                         0.028-0.035

Zinc(mg)                                                0.018-0.026

Iron(mg)                                                0.049-0.058

(Courtesy: CPCRI, Kasaragod)

A recent study conducted by the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, shows that thenneera can help cure liver diseases. The study proves that Thenneera is particularly useful in treating liver diseases caused by consumption of alcohol. The magical property of thenneera to remove “acetaldehyde” (the toxic metabolic product of ethanol causing liver damage) is proven in the study. It has also been shown to boost the activity of a normally functioning liver.

Coco Nectar is safe and perhaps the best health drink for persons suffering from diabetes. This is because of its low glycemic index (GI). (The GI is a measure of how quickly and how high a particular food item raises the blood sugar level by releasing glucose into the blood stream.) The use of Coco Nectar and its by-products give the same sweetness without causing spikes in blood sugar level compared to the traditional sweetening agents. The amazingly low GI of Coco Nectar and its various by-products are indirectly helpful in preventing many lifestyle diseases like obesity, cardiovascular diseases and even cancers of the breast, colon, pancreas and prostate.

Coco Nectar has been recommended for use in medical conditions like asthma, tuberculosis, and urinary tract infections. Coco Nectar is rich in minerals like potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron. It can be given as a natural supplement of these minerals in conditions like iron deficiency anaemias and zinc deficiency. Another advantage of Coco Nectar is that, it is a rich source of Vitamin B complex, Vitamin A and Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). The anti-oxidant property of these vitamins and the neutral pH makes Coco Nectar a natural detoxifying health drink. Apart from the minerals and vitamins, the sweet drink is rich in glutamic acid (amino acid) which is necessary for protein synthesis.